The world is changing each day, and so is the technology that businesses deals with or uses. Customers demands more, and better options than what they did yesterday, that’s why the way companies buy, build, manage, optimize and secure information both private and public, is changing often.

Corporate IT systems are getting more efficient, faster, and both cheaper and easier to operate, this leads to new technologies emerging to challenge the established one in the field. But even with these new technologies and trends, businesses need a reliable option for equipment and solutions, GlobeCom IT Enterprise can help with buying and selling used, refurbished and new IT enterprise equipment and help guide your company.

A look at the 8 trends

Let’s take a look at 8 important trends that are changing the enterprise computing scene:

  1. Cloud computing is the future – Cloud computing is so powerful, because of its ability to easily expand the resources committed to any application without buying additional hardware. Even capacity can be delivered instantly by the cloud provider.
  2. Virtualizing everything – Server virtualization has been a successful venture, so successful that IT departments are starting to virtualize everything in a data center, including security, networking and storage. Virtualization is basically a single pool of computing resources that can be used and adjusted at will, made from a disparate set of servers that are made to work together.
  3. “Land and expand” – More enterprise businesses are emulating the consumer software companies, this is done by offering free trials of software and freemium pricing models, this allows for customer experimentation without large up-front financial commitments scaring them away. Additionally, lightweight adoption, pay for value, and putting the focus on validated customers works for both vendors and buyers.
  4. Changes to enterprise workflow – With the widespread adoption of mobile devices which have led to a more efficient workflow. Mobile applications are quickly reinventing and automating processes across the enterprise field, and are enabling work to flow faster, smarter and more smoothly.
  5. More security – Security threats are becoming more distributed than in the past, which means companies have to think about security at every level, both in the network but also the different pieces of data that have been gathered. This started when the companies shifted their focus from border protection, to data security, but this has been taken further by the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which ensures the customers rights to their data.
  6. Data is still key – Big Data is still worth talking about, the power to bring new insights to light, to not only improve but also make sure that a business is moving in the right direction. New patterns about the customer and how they interact are discovered and tired, which leads to companies improving their services based on these new data sets.
  7. Speed gives the edge – Faster website and applications than your competitor, can positively affect your sales. This has further been emphasized by the rise of mobile devices, customers want fast websites and applications without losing quality.
  8. Consumers demands quality interfaces – Consumers are spending a lot of time using mobile apps that are both beautifully and intuitively designed. The same is expected from enterprise apps, the applications with user friendly interfaces and better designed features have replaced harder to used applications.

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Top 8 trends in Enterprise IT

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