Sales and Delivery Terms

The following sales and delivery terms is applicable for every sale, offer, and delivery unless otherwise agreed in writing between the Customer and GlobeCom, Intl.

1. Offer and order confirmation

All specifications in our offers are non-biding. GlobeCom reserves the right to adjust all prices until the day of delivery subject to changes  in law, exchange rates, shipping and insurances rates, custom fees and duty on equipment and similar areas beyond GlobeCom influence and/or control.

All orders become legally valid only by way of our written sales confirmation. Similarly, changes made pursuant to the establishment of a contract or cancellations of parts of already confirmed orders also require our written authorization. The Customer continues to be bound to an order until it is rejected or executed.

2. Pricing

Prices are subject to the agreement between the Customer and GlobeCom IT and exclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated.

All taxes, duties, or assessments of any kind applicable to the equipment listed herein shall be added to the purchase price and shall be paid by the Customer.

GlobeCom reserves the right to adjust all prices until the day of delivery subject to the above specifications under point 1.

Should GlobeCom incur costs of behalf of the Customer, GlobeCom is entitled to require compensation.

3. Payment

Payment terms for the Customer is payment upon delivery unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

In the case of overdue payment, GlobeCom is entitled to charge interest and fees on balances as stated on the invoice from the due date until payment is made. Payments shall always be used to settle due interests and fees on outstanding balances first and hereafter the debts.

The Customer has no right to withhold any payment because of complaints set off by the Customer.

In the case of delayed delivery due to the Customer’s circumstances the Customer is obliged to pay GlobeCom as if there had been no delay, unless otherwise explicitly authorized by GlobeCom in writing.

4. The Customer’s financial situation

If GlobeCom believes that the Customer does not have the financial capacity to fulfil his part of the order or prior to this order has failed to make payments on time, GlobeCom reserves the right to cancel such orders.

This will apply unless the Customer immediately pays all due balances and makes an advance payment on the current order.

5. Delivery

Delivery dates given by GlobeCom are estimated and may only be used as a guideline. GlobeCom will always endeavor punctual delivery, but cannot be held responsible for any delayed deliveries.

GlobeCom pays no compensation for delayed delivery and the Customer is not entitled to cancel the order for reason of delayed delivery.

All deliveries from warehouse and all equipment shall be shipped via parcel post, mail or carrier at the risk of the Incoterm effected on the order. The delivered goods are a property of GlobeCom until all invoices have been payed for.

Orders received by GlobeCom are not subject to change without GlobeCom’s specific written consent. If GlobeCom does not want to accept a change to the original order GlobeCom can at its sole discretion choose to cancel the order in whole.

6. Return policy

If a product is faulty during its period of warranty, we will ship a replacement soonest possible if not in stock. If a replacement is not possible to provide, we reserve the right to issue a credit note of the items value from the specific order. The item must be returned no later than 14 business days from issue of RMA number, any failure to comply with this annuls the possibility to return the item.
The issued RMA number is not an assurance that the item will be replaced or credited, as GlobeCom reserves the right to identity the item for inspection. All returns are at the buyers risk and expense if nothing else agreed prior shipping. In case the item is not faulty upon inspection at GlobeCom, the return will be declined a handling fee of 10% will be charged. Faults caused by force majure (Term 12) are not covered by the warranty.

If a Customer wants to return equipment due to misplacement of order or its own customer has cancelled the order, etc. GlobeCom reserves the right either to decline or charge a fee of 25% of its value in restocking.

7. Risk and ownership title

Risk and liability for any loss or damage of the equipment passes over from GlobeCom to the Customer on the day of the delivery, e.g. on the day of handing over the equipment to the end customer or defined person.

GlobeCom retains the ownership of the equipment that has been sold until full payment has been made (including any and all late interest and costs associated with enforcement of the payment).

8. Product information

GlobeCom cannot be held responsible for errors and changes in brochures, catalogues or any other materials issued by the manufactures or distributors of any equipment.

9. Product liability

GlobeCom is only responsible for personal damages by the supplied equipment if the damage is documented as being negligence on the part of GlobeCom. GlobeCom can never be held responsible for damages to real estate, personal property or any operational down time, lost earnings or any other form of direct loss.

In the event that GlobeCom is held responsible for product liability with regards to a third party the Customer will be obliged to cover GlobeCom expenses, whose liability is limited to the extend mentioned in the section above.

GlobeCom can never be held responsible for changes in the technical specifications made by the manufacturer.

10. Limitations of liability

GlobeCom will never pay compensation exceeding the amount of the specific purchase.

GlobeCom shall in no event be liable for any loss of use, revenue, profit or Customers or for any direct, indirect or consequential damages arising out of, connected with or resulting from the sale of equipment.

11. Notification of defects

After delivery of the equipment the Customer must promptly inspect the equipment to establish whether the quality and quantity of the delivery is accordance with the order. If the Customer finds any defects or has any notifications he is obliged to notify GlobeCom in writing about this within 2 days of the delivery regarding visible defects and within 14 days of the delivery regarding invisible or hidden defects.

12. Force Majeure

GlobeCom is entitled to cancel orders or postpone their deliveries caused by Force Majeure events, such as war, natural disasters, strikes, lockouts, unavailability of raw materials and energy and other unpredictable circumstances that occurred during the term of the contract and prevented GlobeCom from meeting its commitments.

All Customers rights are suspended and removed in the case of Force Majeure and in the case of cancellation or postponed delivery the Customer may not apply for damages or make any other claims against GlobeCom.

13. Law and disputes

The laws of Denmark shall apply to the contractual relationships. Any and all disputes resulting or arising from or in relation to the contract shall be settled by the Court of Aalborg for national sale in Denmark and at the Court of “Handelsretten” in Copenhagen for international sales to foreign Customers.

14. Warranty

We offer standard 365 days warranty on all products shipped from GlobeCom with option of 2 – 3 years or longer at additional cost unless anything else is stated in the sales confirmation. Medical products often have less warranty or are sold as is.

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