At GlobeCom Medical we offer a flexible solution to fit your current needs. We buy and sell refurbished Computed Tomography systems and throughout our many years of experience, we know every little weakness and strength of all of our systems – and are in the position to guide you throughout your purchase process.

Our quality products start with a thorough selection of the equipment we purchase – Only the finest are selected. After being thoroughly and completely tested, the products are being de-cabled and wrapped for its new home – and of course with the possibility of us installing it professionally, directly at your site.

At GlobeCom Medical we only work with the best brands to ensure our medical equipment only provides the best and most exceptional performance with a long-lasting lifetime.

All of our solutions are custom-made and will ensure that your business is running as cost-efficient as possible.

If you are looking for pre-owned CT systems please contact us through our live chat or at


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