Medical Equipment Spotlight – The MRI Scanner

A new article in the series of medical equipment spotlights, where we showcase a variety of medical equipment that GlobeCom offer, click the link if you haven’t had a chance to read the last medical article featuring a spotlight on the CT scanner.

What is an MRI Scanner?

The focus this time, is on the MRI scanner, a medical device that creates a detailed cross-sectional image of a patient’s internal organs and structures. The MRI is a widely used in hospitals and is typically a large tube with a table where a patient is then able to slide into the tunnel, similar to the CT scanner. The MRI is a non-invasive tool, as it does not use ionizing radiation as both the CT scanner and X-ray, which can be potentially harmful to a patient.

The scanner contains two powerful magnets, which are the most important part of the equipment. The magnets are used to pick up protons which are part of the water molecules, which the human body is mostly made of. The first magnet creates a magnetic field that causes the water molecules to align either north or south, and the second magnet is used to activate and deactivate a second magnetic field which causes the alignment to switch from its active stage to a relaxed stage and back. The scanner then picks up these changes and, in conjunction with a computer, is able to create a detailed cross-sectional image of the body, for the radiologist.

The MRI scanner is used when dealing with a lot of internal issues and is a valued piece of equipment in hospitals, the MRI is used to detect and give information about:

  • Brain and spinal cord abnormalities.
  • Tumors and cysts in the body.
  • Joint injury or abnormality.
  • Certain types of heart related problems.
  • Liver diseases and other abdominal organ issues.
  • Pelvic pain causes for women.
  • Suspected uterine abnormalities in women.

What are the benefits?

The MRI scanner have two clear benefits, which are:

  1. Images of any part of the body from any imaging direction.
  2. Better soft tissue contrast, such as difference between fat, water, and muscle, than the CT.

Without the use of ionizing radiation combined with these benefits, explains why the MRI scanner is an important tool to help radiologists, figure out what is wrong with a patient and how the treatment process is best handled. The MRI allows for fMRI or functional magnetic resonance imaging, it is used to measure the brain activity by monitoring the blood flow in the brain, this gives insight into neuron activity and allows for advanced brain mapping without the need for invasive procedures or injections.

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Medical Equipment – MRI Scanner

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